For many years, PlayStation 3 consoles whose minimum FW version was 3.60 or higher were totally unhackable even if one didnít mind using a hardware flasher to downgrade the firmware.
PS3HEN 2.4.0 brings numerous subtle additions that may prove useful to some.

However, with the advent of PS3HAN, these consoles got limited hacks and then with PS3HENís release in April, more CFW-esque features became available.
Earlier this week, PS3HEN 2.4.0 got released, which continues the trend of frequent updates, and this update brings along:

  • Support for VSH patches and the ability to disable RIF signature checks
  • RAP support for DLC and PS1 games was added
  • Hitching of PlayStation 1 titles on mismatched TV video systems (PAL on NTSC for example) was fixed
  • NPDRM Type 2 games are now loaded faster
  • An issue in which users got stuck downloading games from PSN has been fixed
  • Other minor updates, including the shrinking of Stage2, which can be viewed in the link below
  • If youíre thinking about running PS3HEN on FW 4.85 (with HFW 4.85.1), itís good to note that PS3HEN was updated to support FW 4.85 with version 2.3.2

To view PS3HEN 2.4.0ís changelog, follow this link & to get it on your system, you may use the online updater or follow the installation instructions found here. Esc0rtd3wís Twitter can be follow for the latest developments about PS3HEN