Hi65 v7.0 is released. Hi65 is an unreleased computer from Commodore featuring 256-color graphics, a 3.54 MHz processor and a maximum of 8 MB of RAM. Hi65 is a high-level Commodore 65 emulator.

Hi65 v7.0 Changelog:
Changed the types of the program counter, data counter and expression counter from unsigned integer to unsigned long to allow for longer programs.
Modified the keyboard handling functions so that they yield CPU time every time they are called
Fixed a bug in the INPUT# function that used to leave the file open after the program terminates for attempting to read past EOF.
Added a check in the LET function that stops the execution of a program if a string is over 255 characters long.
Implemented string chaining with the operator + , with an arbitrary number of strings (up to the limit of 255 characters).
Fixed a bug in the PRINT function that prevented the cursor from going to the next line when a single instruction displays more characters than a line can fit.
Implemented the LEN instruction, to know the length of a string or chain of strings.
Implemented the RESTORE instruction, to move the data counter to the desired line or to the beginning of the data section.
Added checks in both the frontend and the main executable to force the emulator to run in full screen when launched from the frontend, to avoid an invalid video mode error.
Added a check that recognizes attempts to execute an empty program file and skips them.