fgsfdsfgs offers the 8093 nx2 release of " eDuke32 ", porting the Duke Nukem 3D game engine for the nintendo Switch.


updated source to svn r8093 (thanks, @parkerlreed);
rebuilt with libnx 2.5.0 or whatever is the latest one.


Unzip attached ZIP into sdmc: / switch /.
Put the data files of the game you wish to play into sdmc: / switch / eduke32 /.
eg for Duke3D DUKE3D.GRP and DUKE3D.RTS (if present)
Run via hbmenu (title override or NSP hbmenu preferred, because larger games or mods might need more than applet mode).


heavy duty mods will require a lot of memory, so do you use this game via override gold NSP hbmenu;
on some setups if you exit the game back to hbmenu and then re-enter, the Switch will crash. Exit and re-enter hbmenu to prevent that;
the game only saves when you exit via the menu option;
autoload folder should work, though you might have to enable it in eduke32.cfg;
the build is packaged with eawpats, which means you get MIDI support out of the box;
docked mode does work, you can change the resolution to 1920x1080 in Display Options;
classic renderer is still supported, you can switch to it in Display Options;
if the game crashes or something, do not forget to check eduke32.log in the eduke32 folder.

See the EDuke32 Wiki for more information.

Thanks to r0r0 on the ReiSwitched Discord for testing.