uyjulian offers version 1.4 of " Ren'Py Switch ", port of the visual novels engine " Ren'Py " for the nintendo Switch.

Version 1.4

- Enable optimization mode; now uses .pyo files instead of .pyc files
- Reverted changes to threading; now using pthread again
- Use pthread_exit when exiting thread instead of doing nothing
- Add gl2 subsystem modules; not fully working yet
- Add patches for video playback
- Disable Mesa debugging
- Clear some memory when loading image assets has failed; can reduce the chance of data aborts
- Compiled with libnx v2.0.0, fixing controller input on firmware

- is a sample visual novel entitled "The Question" that can be run on your Nintendo Switch.
- renpy-switch-sdk-v1.4.7z contains the files needed to build your own game, and an .elf file containing debugging symbols in the event an error occurs to assist in debugging.
- renpy-switch-extra-libraries-v1.4.7z contains extra standard Python libraries if you are using those that are not included in Ren'Py.