CBS-Manager, by SKGleba, is an evolution of “Princess Of Sleeping“‘s Custom Boot Splash plugin. Contrary to ‘Custom Boot Splash’, CBS-Manager is effectively made out of three parts namely an updated version of the Custom Boot Splash plugin, an easy installer and settings menu for the plugin built-in to the native Settings app. Now, CBS-Manager 3.0 has been released, which comes with pre-compiled binaries (version 2.0 had pre-compiled binaries but they were taken down), and it brings along:

  • Better boot animation support – This was achieved by:
    • RAM preloading for small animations
    • Some memory jobs were optimised
    • SlowMode was added to get rid of artifacting

  • LiveBoot mode was added
  • Menus for managing the plugin have been added to the native Settings app
  • Some installer bugs were fixed

As CBS-Manager runs a plugin pretty early in the booting-up stage of the PSVita, only FW 3.60/5 are supported since the plugin needs HENkaku Enso. Before using the plugin, it’s important to check out the README as it has some important information for enso_ex and update365 users.
To grab CBS-Manager 3.0 and get animated boot logos on your PSVita, check out this link. For pre-made boot animations, head over to this Reddit thread by ‘MrAnvil935’ or you can make your own with PSP2-CBAnim.