A while ago, we published an article on UDK Ultimate which is a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3 SDK with support for creating PS3 and XBOX 360 binaries. While it has a decent deal of potential and could be used to create some great games, no games were ever created with it and this is probably due to the complexity it takes to write a UE3 game and the timing of when it was released. However, its creator Nidal Nijm has decided to change that by releasing Gears of Kombat which is a homebrew game for the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC to showcase UDK Ultimate’s functionality.
Gears of Kombat is a 3rd person shooting game featuring Mortal Kombat’s Johnny Cage as its only character. Currently, not all modes work and only the ‘Gears Of Kombat’ mode is enjoyable but you can change some settings to make the game a little more interesting. When it comes to gameplay, you must kill a bunch of NPCs by shooting at them and then fight against a helicopter with another helicopter that the game conveniently spawns for you. While the game sounds pretty simple, killing all the enemies might prove a tad challenging so it might be fun to check out when you have some time to kill
To grab Gears Of Kombat, follow this link to its Wololo /talk thread and select the platform of your choice. Nidal Nijm will continue developing games with UDK Ultimate so more homebrew games for the PS3/XBOX 360 may be released in the coming months