A number of users on Ubisoft's official forums as well as the UPlay subreddit are reporting issues subscribing to UPlay+, including repeat charges, suspended subscriptions, and issues deleting saved credit card information.
Although the complexity and severity of the issues seem to vary from person to person, a large volume of reports over the last few weeks have similarities. Many users are finding that their subscriptions to UPlay+ appear to be "suspended" with no way to access games, despite a valid payment method being on file and having been charged. Some say the "suspended" message is appearing after only a few days subscribed to the service (when a single payment should last them for a month). Many state they are unable to resume normal service.
Some reports go a step further, with users claiming their cards are being charged multiple times in a single month for the service, with many claiming duplicate charges and others going further to note numerous card holds going back a week or more. Some add that when they attempt to remove the saved card information from their account to prevent future extra charges, they are unable to remove their card.