Sony has been rolling out Vita firmware update 3.73 today.
Unsurprisingly, the official changelog touts the usual “performance improvement”, which can mean anything from “fixed something that made a game crash” to “we patched some security vulnerability”.

The previous system update, 3.72, was released back in August. It raised waves of panic across the scene when it was initially reported to patch h-encore2. This turned out to be a false alarm.
This time again, the scene has been frenetically checking right after the release if this latest firmware update patches H-Encore2, or if it’s still possible to hack the Vita on this latest firmware. Early reports seem to indicate that 3.73 is still hackable, but that a few things might have been patched. Scene veteran NanospeedGamer in particular reports that h-encore2 still works, however downgrading tool Modoru is apparently not operational anymore.

Whether Modoru can be fixed to accommodate this latest firmware update, or if Sony patched some critical parts of the tool, remains to be confirmed.

In the meantime, as always, we recommend you don’t update unless you have significant reasons to.