While Dark Souls has been around since 2011, it still has a decent following and the Switch got a remastered port of it in 2018. As with many popular titles, individuals online created various mods for Dark Souls Remastered (the version of Dark Souls available on the Switch) and a popular one of these is the Ascension Mod by vanbuinen which introduces new enemy types, locations and more. Now, this mod which was previously only available for the PC has been ported to hacked Switch consoles thanks to GBATemp user maxx488.

According to the port’s GBATemp thread, installation is pretty straightforward and only involves placing files in /(sxos//atmosphere)/titles/01004AB00A260000/romfs. However, it’s important to note that the mod file is around 3.2GB large so don’t attempt to download it over cellular data (unless you have an ulimited supply)!
To grab the mod, follow this link. You’ll need to create an account in order to download it.
Due to space constraints on game cartridges, CD Projekt compressed the game’s audio files but thanks to this mod, PC-quality audio can be achieved with a few clicks! (Image Source)

Switching focus to the just-ported Witcher 3, Cirosan on Twitter has come up with a way to get PC audio on the Switch port without any performance degradation. His method involves:

  • Having a copy of Witcher 3 on your PC (he uses the GOG version of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY but non-GOTY editions work as well)
  • Downloading a BAT script and running it in the installation directory of the game
  • After the BAT script is done, a 4GB file will be generated inside a newly-created folder called ‘atmosphere’
  • Copy this folder to your Switch and merge it with the existing folder if needed (if you’re running ReiNX/SX OS, change the folder’s name accordingly)

As of right now, the mod only works with English audio but Cirosan will add German and French support provided there’s enough demand along with Japanese/Russian support although this will take a longer time.
To get PC-quality audio in Witcher 3 on your Switch, follow this Twitter thread explaining the installation method while providing the download links for the BAT files.