If you havenít been following PS3 news for the last few months, PS3HEN is hack for nonCFW PlayStation 3 consoles which include all the Super Slim models and Slim models whose minimum firmware version is 3.60 or greater. PS3HEN 3.0.0 is a bug fix release but it irons out some pretty annoying issues so updating is highly recommended
This hack, which was released in April, allows these consoles to get some CFW capabilities such as the ability to run homebrew, use backup managers and more which has prompted many people to hack their PS3 in order to get a piece of the action.
Thanks to the work of various individuals, especially Jason Borowski (@esc0rtd3w), PS3HEN is still seeing updates to this day in order to iron out all issues that may arise while using it and now, version 3.0.0 has been released. Version 3.0.0, which succeeds version 2.4.0, comes with some major fixes and its change log includes:

  • Fixes for freezing issues on all PS3 models thanks to work by habib
    • Both freezing issues in the payload itself and the HEN plugin were fixed including a freeze that occurred when you had a DVD/CD in your PS3ís optical drive and enabled HEN.

  • Issues with some PS3 models being incompatible were fixed
  • Sanity checks in the payload were improved
  • An error message is now shown if the reply from the HEN server is too short
  • Support for FW 4.82 has been dropped as maintaining support was too much work for the main branch
    • This means that only HFW 4.84 and 4.85 are supported by PS3HEN

To get PS3HEN 3.0.0 on your console, you can simply you use the HEN Updater on your console. If you donít have PS3HEN installed, follow this link for installation instructions.