mGBA 0.8 beta 1 has been released which finally implements most features that Nightly builds of the emulator received over the last few months. In its changelog, we find mention of:

  • The addition of a hardware-accelerated high-resolution renderer allowing 3D sprites in games such as F-Zero Maximum Velocity to be rendered at resolutions up to 3840×2560!
    • This feature isn’t available on all ports of the emulator including the PSVita port

  • Support for Discord Rich Presence allowing it to broadcast the title of the game you’re playing
  • Emulation of BattleChip Gate devices which is an accessory intended for use with Mega Man Battle Network 4
    • More information about it can be found here

  • GameBoy Colour palettes have been added to original GameBoy games
  • Experimental XQ audio support which provides higher quality audio in games using the GBA’s standard sound engine (Sappy) – more info at bottom of this page
  • Better debugging tools including a frame inspector
  • The ability to use the Switch’s internal brightness sensor for a game titled Boktai
  • Ability to load RetroArch-style cheat files in CHT format
  • The unlicensed Wisdom Tree Game Boy mapper is now supported
  • L2/R2 and L3/R3 can now be mapped on the PSTV
  • Dynamic display resizing is now supported on the Switch
  • A whole slew of fixes which can be viewed in the emulator’s changelog
    To grab mGBA 0.8 beta, follow this link and download it for the platform of your choice under the section titled ‘Preview Downloads’.