Thanks to the Switch being fully hacked early in its life, it received a ton of interest from the homebrew community and this time, we have SysDVR by Exelix11.
As its name suggests, this is a system module (similar to a plugin in PSP/Vita jargon) that allows you to stream your Switch’s screen to a PC allowing for gameplay recording without a capture card!
As of right now, there are two versions of the system module with one allowing for streaming via USB and the other via a network (TCP) although for best results the former should be used. From its README, these are some important points relating to SysDVR:

  • It can only record the screen at 720p30 with H264 compression (this is a hardware limit)
    • Audio is also streamed in 16bit PCM format @ 48kHz stereo

  • It requires FW 6.0.0 and only works in games that have video recording enabled
  • Unlike udcd_uvc, a PC streaming plugin for the PSVita, this plugin doesn’t allow you to stream the System UI, home menu or homebrews running as an applet
  • There’s around a 1 second delay for now so don’t expect to be able to play Switch games perfectly on your laptop’s screen when you’re on the go
  • USB streaming only works in handheld mode

To grab SysDVR and get cheap capture card functionality for free, follow this link and make sure you read the instructions found in the README!