According to a rough translation of this article, it sounds like La Feria Chapultepec Magico has had their operational permit for the park revoked by the local government in the fallout of the deadly accident on the park’s Quimera roller coaster. I believe this is taking place while the accident investigation is ongoing, and once a resolution and course of action is determined, we could see the park reopen once again. If I had to guess however, I doubt we’ll see Quimera every operate again.
On a semi-related note, it was also reported that a sister Schwarzkopf coaster named Tsunami (better known as Thriller, Taz’s Texas Tornado or Zonga when it operated in Europe and the US) will be scrapped. This decision to scrap the famous Schwarzkopf coaster comes after three years of failed attempts to sell it to a new owner. There is still a chance to save Thriller if someone comes forward to purchase it, but given the age of the ride, it would also require some significant funds to bring it up to today’s safety standards, which is probably how it ended up in Mexico in the first place. I did have the pleasure of riding it when it first ran at Six Flags Astroworld and it gave one hell of a ride that left me with a lasting impression, so I’d be happy to see this one get saved rather than see two of Schwarzkopf’s greatest traveling creations lost to the scrap yard in the same year.