As many of us know, the PSVita didnít get an entry in many major game series and the Diablo series is one of these. Up till now, the only way to play a Diablo game on the console was by emulating the PlayStation 1 port via Adrenaline but thatís just changed thanks to the work of developer ĎgokuhsĎ and his port of DevilutionX
Diablo I can now be played natively on the PSVita provided you can live with kinda awkward controls (Image Source)

DevilutionX is a open-source port of the Diablo I game engine that supports a wide variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS and the Switch while also having some added features of its own such as upscaling and modding support.
The PSVita port is still in beta stage and from user reports on Reddit + its changelog, itís at the current state:

  • Overall, performance is pretty decent with the game hovering around the 40FPS mark in the city and the 20FPS mark in dungeons
  • Controlling the game is a tad awkward because it uses the rear touchpad and most buttons are unassigned
    • Hopefully, gokuhs can take some cues in the controls department from Diablo NX which is a DevilutionX port for the Switch by MVG

  • There are a few minor issues such as tapping on the rear touchpad not working all the time and the mouse in menus being mapped incorrectly

To play some Diablo I natively on your PSVita, check out this link to grab DevilutionXís VPK; viewing the README is also important to get the game running. You must provide Diablo Iís game files [diabdat.mpq] in ux0:/data/DVLX00001/data so you must own the game to play it legally; it can be bought for a few bucks off GOG (not affiliated).