Other than the Diablo I port, the PSVita and PSP have received an update to their only Nintendo 64 emulator which is DaedalusX64.
This emulator has been around for a pretty long time and it only exists because the PSP shares the same architecture as the Nintendo 64 (MIPS) and some developers had a tad too much on their hands. Up till mid-2018, the latest release was r1909 and it was thought that it would be the final version of the emulator but then z2442, with the help of others including TheMrIron2, decided to keep on updating and improving the emulator releasing multiple updated versions as a result.
Now, version 1.1.8 has been released and this brings along:

  • Updates to the Asynchronous Audio function so that it now uses the PSPís Media Engine to provide a more stable experience
  • Performance improvements through a new speed hack and updates to the PSPís Media Engine PRX
  • Working PSVita detection
  • The code now conforms to the C++ 11 standard
  • Many other changes accumulated over the last 7 months which can be viewed in the commit history