• Tick-tock, it's Cemu update o'clock! The popular Wii U emulator has now reached version 1.15.17c, and this time the changelog is going to be a bit more exciting than the last. In fact, alongside your usual dose of bugfixes and smaller improvements, there's also a couple of additions you may be interested in: better Amiibo handling and built-in Gamecube controller support! Regarding the former, the emulator can now both read and write Amiibo nickname/associated Mii and game-specific data, also, the Amiibo settings app is now working correctly, as some required yet previously missing API calls have been added. The latter, on the other hand, is self-explanatory - but keep in mind you will have to set your Gamecube controllers to run in Wii U mode (official Nintendo USB adapters are set to use it by default, while third-party devices usually have a switch to set their operating mode) and you will also need to install/replace its drivers with Zadig before using it.

    With that said, here's the full, official changelog for the curious:
    Quoted from official changelog:
    # Cemu detailed changelog for 1.15.17b
    # Patreon release date: 2019-10-18
    # Public release date: 2019-10-25

    # New in 1.15.17c:

    GX2: Reverted Intel transform feedback crash fix because it breaks TF on all vendors. Instead, disable TF on Intel for the time being

    # New in 1.15.17b:

    general: Fixed a rare crash related to enumerating GC controllers

    input: Fixed IR pointer regression introduced in 1.15.17

    GX2: Fixed crash on Intel GPUs when transform feedback is used
    GX2: Added workaround for a softlock bug on Intel GPUs

    # New in 1.15.17:

    general: If no mlc location is set, Cemu will allow to choose a location instead of forcing the default <root>/mlc01
    general: Cemu will remember adjusted column widths in the game list (#147)
    general: Added context menu to game list columns to reset width or hide/show columns

    input: Added support for Gamecube controllers to input settings (the controllers must be running in 'Wii U mode' with zadig drivers)
    input: Improved accuracy of wiimote and nunchuck acceleration values
    input: Fixed wiimote performance when sending a lot of packets (e.g. rumble) or when using multiple wiimotes (#39)
    input: Fixed a bug where the input settings would stop detecting pressed keys or buttons

    nfp: Added support for reading and writing Amiibo register info (nickname and owner mii)
    nfp: Added support for reading and writing Amiibo game specific data
    nfp: Implemented missing API that prevented the Amiibo Settings app from booting

    (#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See http://bugs.cemu.info/projects/cemu/
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    Cemu 1.15.17c can be downloaded by going to its official website (linked below) or, if you are already running version 1.15.10 or later, by using its included auto-updater. The Vulkan renderer is still only available on the Patreon-exclusive v1.16.0 WIP builds for the time being.

    NOTE: Users running the previously released v1.15.17b on PCs with Intel graphics chips are recommended to upgrade, as this version rolled back a fix for transport feedback on said GPUs that didn't end up working correctly.