Roughly 78% of gaming preteens ages 10 to 12 watch online gaming videos, along with around 67% of children ages seven to nine, according to a study from SuperData.
A survey of 1,000 US parents who had at least one child between the ages of seven and 12 that played games at least once a week found that those children would primarily watch gaming videos on YouTube or Twitch to improve their own skills, or because they enjoyed the personalities of the video creators.
Of all those surveyed, 33% played Roblox, 26% played Fortnite, and 24% played Minecraft. Tablet was the most popular device among the younger players (used by 55% of children ages seven to nine), though console was a close second with 54% of the same group using it. The older respondents ages 10 to 12 were more overwhelmingly interested in consoles (76%). PC was the least popular overall, with only 33% of children ages seven to nine and 28% of preteens ages ten to 12 reporting using it.