• Have you ever thought about hooking up another console's controller to your Switch but you don't fancy either carrying around a USB adapter dongle or running an app on another device for hid-mitm? Look no further then, as sys-con is here to save the day!

    Sys-con is a custom Switch sysmodule that allows you to use third-party controllers on your Nintendo Switch. Unlike the other previously mentioned homebrew solution, which, as the name suggests, worked by MITMing Horizon OS' built-in hid module, sys-con just needs you to connect your controllers using your Dock's USB ports: no Wi-Fi connection or external applications required. Not only this will result in less input latency (and, of course, a much simpler setup) but it also means the sysmodule won't conflict with Atmosph?re 0.9.4's libnx input workaround, making it fully compatible with the CFW's latest version!

    There are, however, a few limitations. First off, as hinted before, sys-con only works in Docked mode. The sysmodule is also only compatible with DualShock 3, Xbox 360 (wired, the wireless dongle reportedly doesn't work) and Xbox One controllers, with DualShock 4 support coming soon. Lastly, rumble and motion controls do not work at the moment.

    Sys-con has been developed by @cathery and can be downloaded by clicking the download link below. It officially supports Atmosph?re and will work on FW 5.0.0 and up (warning: crashes or freezes may happen on 9.0.X due to high memory usage). You can install it by extracting the release's contents on your microSD card, overwriting if necessary, and then rebooting your console. For more information on upcoming features, troubleshooting and developer support, head over to the project's GitHub repo (also linked below).