• It's stability time! A brand new update is out, for the Nintendo 3DS. Firmware version 11.12.0-44 has just released, bringing with it...well, no one knows exactly what it brings with it just yet. The yls8 page shows the update having gone out for most regions tonight, but Nintendo's official website hasn't updated to show the changelog (and obvious stability additions) as of the time of writing. What we do currently know is, a handful of titles have been updated thanks to this new firmware, including NVer, CVer, StreetPass, friends system-module, NATIVE_FIRM and Web browser data. More information will be added as things become more clear.

    UPDATE: And to no one's surprise, here are the patch notes from Nintendo:

    Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.
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    Currently, Luma still boots, but is not confirmed to be 100% working, while other homebrew and CFW are being tested.