2 days ago, Cathery released Sys-con for the Switch which is a sysmodule (plugin in Sony jargon) which lets you use wired DualShock 3, XBOX 360 and XBOX One controllers with your console for a better gaming experience.

Until yesterday, it was thought that Sys-con only works in docked mode but then user reports came in showing that it worked in handheld mode as well which prompted Cathery to update the project?s roadmap to officially include handheld support.
Other than the good news about handheld mode, Cathery has released Sys-con 0.3.0 which is a noteworthy update that brings:

  • A configuration folder (sdmc:/config/sys-con/) from which you can modify stick/trigger deadzones and remap inputs thus giving you more control over your experience
  • Xbox 360 and Dualshock 3 LEDs no longer blink when using this sysmodule
  • An issue in which some Microsoft controllers weren?t connecting properly has been fixed
  • Support for other CFWs like ReiNX and SX OS is now officially acknowledged

Furthermore, some more good news dropped hours ago and that is a promise of DualShock 4 support in 5-6 days published on Ko-fi.
To grab Sys-con 0.3.0, follow this link and check out the README before installing it. You may donate to Cathery on Ko-fi for her work.