Other than being a gaming console, the Nintendo Switch is also a small tablet even though Nintendo doesn?t really embrace that side of it since they didn?t pack in a web browser, eBook reader or even a music player! However, the homebrew community is all about making consoles more useful and as a result, a developer by the name of SeanOMik decided to create an eBook reader for the console (i.e. Horizon OS) and appropriately named it ?eBookReader? when it was released this September. The homebrew also has some useful features including landscape/portrait support, dark mode and the ability to save the page you were on.

Now, eBookReader 0.3.0 has been released and it comes with:

  • Improved PDF support so the likelihood of the homebrew crashing when opening certain PDFs is lower
  • Full support for ePub, CBZ (many comics/manga are in this format) and XPS files meaning that some very popular formats are now supported
  • The above was achieved thanks to work by Moronigranja

To grab eBookReader 0.3.0 and turn your Switch into a Kindle, follow this link to grab the NRO.