Around two weeks ago, GaryOPA wrote a post on his website MaxConsole and on the frontpage of GBATemp that Team Xecuter had been able to hack newer Switch units (ipatched & mariko) and the Switch Lite.
However, this revelation still has no tangible proof associated with it other than the words of a Team Xecuter trusted reseller so its credibility is in a grey-area even though a GBATemp administrator received confirmation from SX Team that their hack is indeed real.
Now, more information has been made available (GBATemp/MaxConsoles) regarding this relevation/rumour but this time it’s from MaxConsole News Team member ‘ub3r1337’ and it states that Team Xecuter’s upcoming hack comes in the form of a hardware mod with two variants being available, one for Classic units (original, ipatched and mariko) and another for the Switch Lite. Furthermore, some important points about the nature of the hardware mod were revealed which include:

  • The hardware mod needs to be installed on the Switch’s motherboard and indications are showing that some degree of soldering will be required.Some websites like DG Chips are already taking pre-orders for the upcoming hardware mod meaning that a release might not be too far off

    • However, Team Xecuter ‘held back from claiming [that] it’s fully solder-less’ meaning that the hardware mod for Classic units might allow for a solder-less installation although this is said not to be recommended

  • According to ub3r1337, the Classic variant of the hardware mod is ‘probably under production and should be available soon’ meaning that Team Xecuter might come up with an official announcement in the coming weeks
  • When it comes to an ETA, Team Xecuter refused to give an estimate although GBATemp user ‘Diogo097’ contacted a TX reseller who claimed that the hardware mod should be released by January 2020
    • Some resellers including DGChips and MOD3DSCard are already taking pre-orders for the hardware mod lending a somewhat higher degree of credibility to the whole story

Like the initial revelation, it must be noted that no tangible proof of the hack or hardware mod are currently available. Unfortunately, ub3r1337 wasn’t allowed to take any pictures or videos so until now, it’s still recommended to treat this news item with caution and still view it as a RUMOUR.