Recently, it’s become quite a common occurrence that when a Switch game is released, it can already boot and get in-game on emulators for the console.

The latest games in this trend are Pokémon Sword and Shield, two games released yesterday, which are in-game on both Yuzu and Ryujinx with much better results in the former as it’s seeing much more development going into it. According to a tweet by Yuzu’s team, the game gets in-game and seems to be rendering pretty well but a few bugs need to be fixed before the title is fully playable. However, this hasn’t detracted people from trying it on their own machine and by YouTube channel ‘Danzel SH’ shows promising results, especially in battles, on an i5-8400 with a GTX 1060 3GB VRAM!
Other than showing promising results when emulated, these games already earned save editing support thanks to an update to PKHeX which was made possible thanks to help by SciresM and sora10pls. In the most recent 19/11/15 release, the following features are supported for Sword/Shield:

  • Initial Legality Checking – this is still experimental
  • Bag Editing
  • Pokédex Editing
  • Trainer Info Editing

Other than support for the Sword/Shield games, the latest release also received numerous bug fixes and .NET Core 3 support in WinForms builds so it’s still recommended you update if you use it for editing the save files of other games.
To grab the latest version of PKHeX and make the Pokemon Sword/Shield a tad easier, check out this link. To use modded save files, your Switch obviously needs to be hacked!