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Thread: Pandora Homebrew - HollyMan - - New

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    NDS Pandora Homebrew - HollyMan - - New

    Newly released for the Pandora Console

    HollyMan by A. Falkenhahn is a little clone of Pacman. This is the Hollywood port of the game originally coded by Vaughan Roberts in BlitzBasic 2. Included in the PND is the Hollywood player (release 7) for Linux (32bit). Hollywood is a multimedia-oriented programming language that can be used to create applications and games very easily. ------------------------------- Pandora port run with the help of GL4ES library and the Box86 (dynarec) of ptitSeb. Icon from free icons for your games.

    Download Here

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    I was also a Spotify premium member until recently. Spotify is more widely used and is very convenient but my biggest issue is that they repeat songs so much that discovery is almost non-existent. I've had to block songs from being played because I was sick of how much it played.
    Pandora's biggest and only reason to my subscription right now is the music discovery. The algorithm to show you new music you'd like is so nice snaptube telegram web if you know how to navigate within stations.
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