Virtual reality would be "a dark space" if it wasn't for the financial support of Facebook, according to Stray Bombay co-founder Chet Faliszek, who was once an ambassador for Valve's push into the emerging VR space.
Faliszek was speaking as part of a broader panel on technology at Reboot Develop Red last month, also featuring Coherence CEO Dino Patti and Klang Games CEO Mundi Vondi. Patti raised the issue of technology companies funding game development, a subject on which Faliszek had a great deal to say.
"It's happening a lot, especially in the VR space," he said. "People aren't making money because they're selling their games. They're making money because they're paid to make the games, to support platforms or pieces of hardware.
"There's a bunch of AR stuff that's like that now, and in VR... There's a bunch of places where that's happening, and there's a lot of indies starting up and making that their business model. But that's kinda like the '90s, when all the publishers took off, and there was a hiccup. It was death to a million small indies."