With the Xbox Adaptive Controller out for over a year now, Microsoft appears to be keen on keeping the focus on accessibility by publicizing its Xbox Accessibility Guidelines for developers.
In a public resource hub, the company has shared 23 chapters-worth of advice and recommendations for developing games on Xbox for accessibility. The database covers a wide range of topics, including chapters on text, subtitles and captions, audio, narration, difficulty options, UI, communication experiences, time limits, customer support, and more.
Though the guidelines are just that -- guidelines, not requirements -- they touch on a number of issues that have been in the news over the past few years due to major games launching without certain accessibility features. For example, the text display section gives specific advice on ensuring text is large enough to be read and in a legible font, while the subtitles and captions section goes beyond simply advising that subtitles and captions be implemented and offers specific guidance on how they can be used effectively by the most people possible.
In another example, the section on game difficulty is strongly in favor of "easy" modes.