Like the PlayStation 1, the Sega Saturn is around 25 years old but while the former can be emulated on pretty much anything with decent results including the New 3DS, the Saturn didnít fare as well when it comes to emulation.

The reasons behind this are numerous although the main two are because of the systemís architectural complexity and lack of interest from developers since the console was nowhere as popular as its rivals from Sony or Nintendo.
However, some development on creating the definitive emulator for the console is still ongoing and itís mostly centered around Yaba Sanshiro (uoYabause) which has now earned a Switch port with a twist thanks to its main developer devMiyax. Contrary to other emulators, this port doesnít run in Horizon OS and it isnít available as a RetroArch core for Lakka either but it comes as a stripped-down Linux distribution, based on Lakka, that you flash on an SD Card.
With this port, you can play titles like NiGHTs on your Switch!

As per comments from Reddit user ĎR3tro-PKí, this port works much better than the Yaba Sanshiro cores on Lakka/Horizon OS and from some testing, the following titles are playable at full-speed:

  • Burning Rangers
    • This title is pretty demanding

  • Nights into Dreams
  • Sonic R

To grab this port of Yaba Sanshiro and play some Saturn games on your Switch, follow this link which also contains donation links. It must be noted that the image provided has numerous known issues such as sleep not working and not being able to change the volume so donít expect a flawless experience. Obviously, not all titles supported by Yaba Sanshiro will run at full-speed. Thankfully, the source code is available so we might see some fixes eventually.