Moving to the Nintendo 3DS scene, two noteworthy homebrew releases have dropped this week despite the console being over 8.5 years old. The first of these is a port of DevilutionX, a Diablo I source port which recently saw its way to hacked PSVita consoles. The 3DS port has been made by GBATemp user MrHuu and currently, it only comes with shareware support if you want a pre-compiled CIA file although you can compile the latest build yourself if you want to play the full game. The developer notes that the port runs slow on original 3DS consoles so for a playable experience, itís recommended you try it out a New 3DS device as a Reddit user has pointed out that performance is quite poor on the Old 3DS. That being said, there have been various commits to the portís code on GitHub meaning that development is still going on which might fix bugs and improve performance somewhat, especially on lower-powered 3DS hardware, in the future!
To learn more about DevilutionX for the 3DS,follow this link to its GBATemp Thread and you can download it from its GitHub release page.
Fancy browsing the web on a browser from last decade on your DSi/3DS? Well, now you can with Twilight Menu++

Moving on to the second piece of homebrew, we have an update to TwiLight Menu++ bringing its version number to 11.1.0. This release includes:

  • Support for the Nintendo DS Browser by emulating the Memory Expansion Pack via the extra RAM on the DSi/3DS (the DS only has 4MB RAM built-in while the latter have 16MB and 128/256MB)
    • With this, you can browse the internet using Presto 1.0, the engine found in Opera 8.5!

  • An updated version of GBARunner2
    • On the 3DS and DSi, this can be run on CycloDS iEvolution

  • Box art can be disabled on the 3DS and DSi by caching it to RAM
  • An AP-patch for randomised Pokemon Black was added
  • You no longer need to manually turn off heap sink for 6 games including 999 and Sonic Rush
  • Some bug fixes

To grab TwiLight Menu++ 11.1.0, follow this link. You may read more about it on its GBATemp thread.