• The 3DS has received a new update and, shockingly enough, the changelog doesn't mention stability for once! Firmware 11.13.0-45 has been released in all regions for both New and Old consoles and it is aimed towards fixing a bug with the system's StreetPass functionality. Sure enough, initial reports show that the only updated sysmodules are StreetPass, friends and Web browser data, alongside your usual NVer/CVer changes. The official release notes can be read below:

    Ver. 11.13.0-45U (December 2nd, 2019)

    • Resolved an issue where StreetPass would not work in some cases.

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    Not much else is known at the time and consoles that have already been hacked via boot9strap should be able to update just fine but, as usual, you may want to refrain from installing the new firmware version until someone else gives the all clear - especially if you own a stock console that you wish to mod. This post will be kept up-to-date with any other useful hacking & homebrew related info.

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    Official Nintendo release notes