PSVshell, by Electry, is a kernel-mode plugin for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV which is currently compatible with firmware 3.60 and 3.65.
With PSVshell, you can set core frequencies in LiveArea and every other application with a very high degree of compatibility!

Similar to PSV VSH Menu and LOLIcon, this plugin is an overclocking plugin but it aims to provide a highly polished experience that includes a nice GUI and a high degree of compatibility.
This plugin comes with many useful features which include:

  • Obviously, it allows you to overclock every aspect of the PSVita including the CPU, GPU (ES4), BUS and XBAR
    • Like LOLIcon, you can overclock your PSVita’s CPU to 500MHz (494MHz in reality) which provides a small but noticeable boost over the 444MHz frequency that the PSVita can officially run at
    • Unlike LOLIcon, it doesn’t allow you to set your GPU frequency to 333MHz as it only seems to differ from the normal 222MHz mode in regards to stuff relating to the Vita’s codec engine rather than actual GPU cores thus no performance difference is noticed in gamesPSVshell also supports HUD mode which provides real-time statistics on how your system is doing performance-wise

  • It comes with a pretty nice dark-mode UI rather than the console text-style UI of similar plugins
    • Other than being nice to use, it also lets you modify clock frequencies with a few button presses and save profiles
    • You can also see per-core CPU usage, peak load and some other statistics

  • Unlike other overclocking plugins, PSVshell is a kernel-mode plugin so it works in LiveArea
  • App-specific profiles are supported
  • Games aren’t slowed down when you’re using the clock frequency menu and Adrenaline is supported
  • 3 different UI modes which include ‘FPS Counter Mode (Top-Right)’, ‘HUD Mode’ (shows usage statistics & frame rate) and ‘FULL Mode’ (shows you the clock frequency menu)

From a brief testing session, I can personally confirm that the plugin works pretty well with the browser, LiveArea, Age Of Zombies and Fruit Ninja functioning without any hiccups.

To get PSVshell on your PSVita, you have to:

  • Download the plugin from its GitHub Release Page
  • Copy it over to ux0:/tai/ or ur0:/tai/
  • Open your taiHEN config.txt and add its path under the *KERNEL section (example: ‘ux0:tai/PSVshell.skprx’)
  • Reboot your PSVita and enjoy overclocking without any major issues!