It's official; Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel really has become the next symbiote Spider-Man. Stop us if you've heard this before: a superhero is unexpectedly transported to an alien world. There, they wind up wearing a new costume with strange properties, that boosts their powers but also affects their aggression level. They return to Earth, and their private life soon devolves to a state of chaos; finally, they realize their new suit has a mind of its own, and they reject it, only for said costume to become a new supervillain.
The broad brush strokes will be familiar to absolutely any reader. This is the story of Spider-Man's black costume, in which the web-slinger unwittingly brought an alien Klyntar symbiote to Earth, and it became the origin story of Venom. It's also the story of Kamala Khan in her current ongoing, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel. There have always been striking similarities between Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man - in fact, Marvel deliberately followed the same "Everyman Hero" pattern when they created her. But these comparisons have become explicit of late, with readers somewhat amused to find writer Saladin Ahmed retelling a classic story.