• It's the first Cemu update of the new year! It may not be as drastic of an update as the previous one, which finally gave us the Vulkan renderer we'd all been waiting for, but v1.16.1 brings with it some much-appreciated fixes under the hood. Various minor issues regarding Vulkan were ironed out, including removing unnecessary calls to certain variables, fixing some graphical bugs, and better index decoding for supported CPU's. If you like keeping your Cemu up to date with the latest and greatest version available, be sure to go check out the official Cemu site, to get the new update.

    general: Online mode can only be enabled if all required files are dumped
    general: The DLC migration assistent will now also detect if DLC is installed in multiple redundant locations
    general: Fixed an issue where clicking the background of the shader loading screen would hide the status info (#224)
    general: Fixed a typo in the UI (#230)
    general: Updated language files

    Vulkan: Various optimizations
    - Avoid redundant calls to vkCmdBindDescriptorSets
    - Accelerated u32 index decoding by using AVX2 if supported by CPU
    - Avoid unnecessary checks if states were not modified by any PM4 commands since previous drawcall

    Vulkan: Fixed a bug where the renderer would use the wrong graphics pipeline, leading to driver crashes or graphical corruptions
    Vulkan: Cemu will only use vkvalidation/ as validation layer path (VK_LAYER_PATH) if vkvalidation/VkLayer_khronos_validation.dll exists
    Vulkan: Minor additions to logging to help troubleshoot Vulkan issues

    (#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See http://bugs.cemu.info/projects/cemu/
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