• Universal Studios Japan has been working on opening an exciting theme park for Nintendo fans, ever since December 2016. Now, that work is almost complete, as Super Nintendo World is set to open later this summer, in Japan. Currently, a "Global Kick Off Presentation" is being broadcast to media, offering new details about the park. One of the new pieces of information involves "Power Up Bands", which are wristbands that "will make you feel like a part of the game world", and will allow park-goers to compete with others by collecting digital coins. A mobile app will also be involved, and appears to include a rankings system, stamps, and an interactive map, as well.

    The briefing specifies exploration, challenge, and winning, and a slogan of "no limit!" which seems to indicate that Super Nintendo World will try to game-ify the theme park experience. Screenshots have been included, with details courtesy of Bloomberg JP. Nintendo of America also posted a trailer, which consists of a music video of fans running and dancing around multiple Mario-themed CGI setpieces. Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Studios Japan in summer 2020, with additional parks opening up at Universal Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore later on.