• Time will tell if there's still a future for any future Mario & Luigi RPG games, as Nintendo has filed for a trademark for the series. In 2019, the developer of the Mario & Luigi franchise, AlphaDream, shut its doors after going bankrupt due to the poor performance of their titles. The trademark document was signed last week by Nintendo of America through an agency in Argentina, and covers products related to the Mario & Luigi series, such as game carts, memory cards, accessories, and software.

    Whether or not this means anything significant is yet to be seen, of course, as Nintendo itself hasn't made any announcements about future games in the series. And, it's important to note that while Nintendo is going to the effort of renewing the trademark, it could just be to protect their IP, or for any remaining sales of last year's Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey for the Nintendo 3DS. Especially as this is a trademark relating to Nintendo's American branch, rather than from Japan.

    You can see the trademark for yourself, below, discovered originally by Dutch website Let's Go Digital.