PlayStation does not need to go to E3.
There's no need for Sony to travel to Los Angeles to speak to retailers about its next console. There are far fewer stores to speak to these days, and let's be clear, they're all going to stock the PlayStation 5.
As a media event E3 is a powerful beast, with the world's press descending on Los Angeles that week. But this is PlayStation we're talking about. It's one of the most important brands in entertainment. Wherever the firm decides to show off the PS5, the media will be there to see it.
Not that it necessarily needs the media. There are over 100 million PS4 customers in the world, and 39 million of them are paying subscribers to PS Plus. This is an audience Sony can talk to directly whenever it wants. And they're already very engaged. Only last week PlayStation showed the PS5 logo -- pretty much the same as the PS4 logo -- and it has received over five million likes on Instagram.
Sony can drum up plenty of hype and excitement about its next console without spending huge sums on E3.
It might seem unusual that a major upcoming console misses E3, but it's not without precedent. In fact, the last significant console launch -- Nintendo Switch -- didn't reach E3 until after it had been released. And that machine has gone on to perform very well indeed.