Total Justice posted this on gbatemp:

  • Hi everyone!

    I've made a gamecard installer, which as the name suggets, installs your gamecards directly to your switch!

    The app is quite simple, with only 3 options.
    1. Install to the nand.
    2. Install to the sd card.
    3. Exit.

    However I spent some time polishing the UI and added some cool features as well.

    • Support for multi gamecards (gamecards with multiple games inside, press L / R to cycle through them).
    • Full touchscreen support.
    • Music support. Simply drop any .mp3's into the app folder /switch/gamecard_installer/ and the app will play these songs at random! (sub folders are supported).
    • Displays gamecard info such as total size, key generation and app ID.
    • Displays free nand / sd card memory. This is updated after installing a game.
    • Cleans up all placeholders on startup. This means if you used an app that failed to install a game and it didn't delete the placeholder after, my app does it for you.
    • Should anything go wrong, a error code for that specific error will be displayed. This will save time when reporting issues.