Now, another file manager has been released for the Nintendo Switch by the name N-Xplorer and it’s inspired by TheFlow’s famous VitaShell, the de facto file manager on the PSVita. Its developer CompSciOrBust has been working on the file manager for quite a while having released an NRO file for version 0.5 around 17 days without much fanfare but 2 days ago, version 0.6, which is a complete rewrite, was released together with a GBATemp post for the project to gain some popularity.

Currently, the file manager isn’t as fully featured as other offerings for the Switch like NX-Shell and Apollo (which only saw one pre-release in July) but version 0.6.1 [current version] still has a couple of features including:

  • Basic file management capabilities like being able to copy, move, rename, create and delete files/folders
  • A text editor
  • A basic image viewer which doesn’t have zooming/rotation code yet

CompSciOrBust has some pretty big plans for the file manager which include a music player, theming, an FTP server, the ability to sort directory contents, touch screen support, a video player, hex editor and much more. If these plans do indeed materialise,

N-Xplorer will probably become a supported contender to NX-Shell and the de facto file manager situation may change on the Switch but only time will tell!
To get N-Xplorer 0.6.1, follow this link to grab the NRO file. More information can be found in its GBATemp thread.