Now, the emulator has matured quite a bit and monthly progress reports published on Patreon are a testament to that with December 2019’s report being shared on Monday. In a nutshell, the report which is a rather long and interesting read comes with the following main points:

  • As of right now, there are 59 titles considered playable and 184 others are In-Game
  • HLSL (High Level Shader Language) vertex shaders are now used which replace older vertex shader conversion code
    • This change results in increased accuracy and improved rendering although it might result in slower performance while shaders are being compiled. However, HLSL shaders seem to provide slightly better performance after being fully compiled!

  • A fix relating to large vertex shaders which allows DoA 3 to work again together with other internal improvements spanning from trampoline optimisation, an improvement to the emulated kernel and a fix relating to Half-Life 2

  • Improvements in numerous games including:
    • Rayman Arena is now playable
    • Totaled is playable
    • Ghost Recon Island Thunder is playable
    • Backyard Wrestling 2 is now in-game
    • Mortal Kombat Deception is in-game
    • Robocop is in-game
    • Soldier Of Fortune II – Double Helix is in-game
    • Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge is in-game
    • Many other titles, including Crash N Burn, are now in-game or playable. You can check these out by following the link below

To read the full progress report and see what games improved with developments in December, follow this link which also allows you to donate towards the emulator’s development. An Excel spreadsheet is available at the bottom of the list detailing game compatibility status.