Now, the PlayStation Vita’s port of Quake III, VitaQuake III by Rinnegatamante, has received a pretty substantial update which continues to improve upon the already enjoyable homebrew port. This update, with version number 0.9 brings along:

  • Experimental support for Urban Terror – this is a free multiplayer FPS game based on the Quake III arena engine that falls into the tactical shooter genre
  • A significant performance boost thanks to the addition of dynamic library support to OpenArena’s core
  • The graphics renderer received some optimisations which improve both speed and memory usage

  • A downloader for data files has been added for when game files aren’t found
  • Loading mods & missionpacks from inside the game itself now works properly
  • Background rendering is now enabled on the main menu
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements including the addition of a condition that prevents the screen from turning off on its own in certain situations

Lolicopocalypse on the PSVita works pretty well although the game is typical not a run-of-the-mill title (Screenshot from own testing)

You may read more about VitaQuake III, check its Wololo /talk page and you may download it from VitaDB directly on your device via VHBB.

Moving onto a newly released port, dots-tb and teakhanirons of Team CBPS have come up with yet another release for the PSVita and this time it’s a port of game called Lolicopocalypse which has seen ports on the Wii, GP2X and even TI Calculators. This game, by quasist, is a roguelike title and has a creepy-feeling atmosphere so if wanna try out something a little unusual, it may be worth your while to give it a go.