Keeping on the subject of games but focusing more on commercial titles, VitaGrafix Configurator 3.0 by Kirezar has been released. For those out of the loop, VitaGrafix Configurator is a homebrew utility that lets you manage VitaGrafix’s configuration without having to use a text editor on your PC or through VitaShell.
The version that was just released, version 3.0, brings along one major feature which is support for VitaGrafix 5.0 and newer which makes use of a re-written parser/interpreter, while maintaining compatibility VitaGrafix 4.x patches, together with adding support for some more features.
You may grab VitaGrafix Configurator 3.0 from its GitHub Release page or through VHBB as it’s available on VitaDB. Kirezar notes that you should keep your ‘patchlist.txt’ file updated by getting the latest version from here.