• Unreleased games making an appearance in the homebrew world is nothing terribly new but it is not every day we see a fully realised game for the gameboy color. It appears it is the usual story with a near finished game (it making it to the point of having an ESRB rating) not making it out of the door due to publisher having money troubles and not being able to fund its final release. One of the developers, Vince Valenti, then making the game available a few days back.
    In this case we have a port of the Atari Jaguar title "Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer", sequel to Towers which also got a GBC port (though that one did make it to release in the form of Towers - Lord Baniff's Deceit).

    The photos above are from an EZFlash Junior running on a stock AGS001 Gameboy Advance, and speaking of the GBA it appears this would have joined the ranks of the few GBC games to ever use the "I'm in a GBA" mode that such things can enjoy (the Zelda Oracles games, Shantae and Wendy: Every Witch Way being the other examples) though we don't know what that added at this point. Seeing it run it does employ several rather notable quirks (think this but for the gameboy screen) so it looks rather nicer on hardware than it does on emulators, and this is in addition to the FMV and quite some amount of voiced audio they somehow managed to squeeze into the GBC. We have limited time with it thus far but were it not for the two lack of buttons on the Gameboy Color... we have played worse DS dungeon crawlers, and certainly have had worse GBC ones.
    A shame we never had it at the time but better late than never for this one.

    archive.org post of ROM, information and associated data from the game.
    GBAtemp mirror (game)
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