On Friday, developer TotalJustice released GameCard Installer NX, a utility met with a good deal of fanfare as it answered the wishes of many physical game buyers.

As its name suggests, GameCard Installer NX allows you to install physical games directly to your Switch’s internal memory (NAND) or microSD card which grants you the benefit of not having to carry around your game cartridges wherever you go. However, it must be noted that the installed games can’t be used online and there’s a risk of being banned by Nintendo by using this utility since the installed games make use of FS patches so be wary of going online while having games installed through the utility.
Now, GameCard Installer NX Bug Fix Edition (1.0.1) has been released to fix 3 issues, which have affected a limited number of users, namely:

  • Incorrect FW version reporting
    • In the initial release, FW 8.1.0 was reported as FW 8.0.1

  • A bug in which a game installed with the utility would sometimes appear as a game cartridge even though the cartridge itself is removed

  • A bug in which the correct application record wasn’t pushed correctly causing previously installed game updates not to show up

Other than fixing bugs, TotalJustice plans to keep improving his utility by adding an option to lower key generation of games and another one for disabling music/sound effects. Plans to improve the rendering code of the UI have also been made.
To grab the latest version of GameCard Installer NX, follow this link and download the NRO file.