While VitaShell has been around for over 3 years now and has become the de facto file manager for the PSVita, itís still receiving a limited amount of support and TheFlow has recently released VitaShell 2.01 and 2.02. These updates come with:

  • Support for Firmware 3.57 & 3.73 thanks to work by RealYoti (2.01)
  • The ability to refresh PSM games was added in version 2.01 but version 2.02 removed it due to it causing crashes

To grab VitaShell 2.02, simply open VitaShell on your PSVita while connected to WiFi and itíll take care of updating for you. Alternatively, you grab the VPK from its GitHub Release Page which also contains the change log for 2.01/2.02.
Moving over to homebrew games, dots-tb of Team CBPS has released yet another homebrew game port for the console and this time itís an enhanced version of TailTale (Shippo no Puzzle).
From a brief testing session on my PSVita, the game seems to work pretty well and controls quite nicely!

This title, by rerofumi and pyonkey-matsuo, is a Tetris Attack-esque game that received ports to numerous platforms including the PSP, Dreamcast, Amiga OS 4.0, Dingoo, Wii and many others. Contrary to these ports, the PlayStation Vita port makes use of 13 rows like the original release of the game rather than 10/11 rows which was a limitation imposed on the PSP port carried over to all other ports.

You can read more about TailTale REsurrected (along with some backstory on the game itself + the port) on its Team CBPS forum thread. The VPK may be downloaded from its GitHub Release Page.