Sega recently released a new page on their website “Sonic Channel“. The page is entirely in Japanese, but translated, it mentions that “[We] launched a project entitled “SONIC2020” to deliver a variety of new information and plans for Sonic on the 20th of every month during 2020, entitled “SONIC2020″!”. Broken down, Sega is telling us that on the 20th of each month, they will be giving us new information on Sonic. Additionally, they mention that “The Sonic Channel is recruiting fan art for Sonic and releasing wallpapers and calendars with original designs.” As they often do, Sega is involving their fans to help create this event. As a final quote, they mention “A variety of related events are scheduled for 2020, so watch out for “Sonic the Hedgehog,” which is set to gain momentum ahead of its 30th anniversary in 2021.”