• Back in 2019, it was revealed that RetroArch would be headed to Steam, bringing the emulator frontend to the platform for the first time ever. Things have been fairly quiet since then, but now we've got some new details regarding the launch of the program. There's still no projected release date, but we now have a clearer idea of how RetroArch will work on Steam. The initial program will be free, and each core that loads different emulators will be available separately, as additional free DLC. 47 cores will be available on launch, each legally secured and with permission granted from the original developer, with more to follow at a later date. Those cores are as follows:
    • bsnes
    • bsnes HD beta
    • Final Burn Neo
    • Flycast
    • Mesen
    • Mesen S
    • Nestopia
    • Play!
    • SameBoy
    • TIC-80
    • EasyRPG
    • Mupen64 Plus Next
    • Kronos
    • Theodore
    • Blastem
    • Stella
    • Snes9x
    • mGBA
    • 4DO
    • Genesis Plus GX
    • 2048
    • RACE
    • VBA-M
    • NeoCD
    • FreeIntv
    • FreeChaf
    • QuickNES
    • Picodrive
    • Game Music Emu
    • GW (Game & Watch)
    • PX68K
    • REminiscence
    • XRick
    • Desmume
    • gpSP
    • PocketCDG
    • Tyrquake
    • Vitaquake 2
    • boom3
    • EightyOne/81
    • Gearsystem
    • CrocoDS
    • Gearboy
    • Caprice32
    • Parallel N64
    • PPSSPP
    • NP2Kai

    In addition, none of the cores, nor RetroArch itself will have any DRM, including Steamworks. You'll even be able to boot it via the shortcut, without requiring Steam to be running in the background.

    What To Expect

    This is what one can expect for the impending launch:

    • RetroArch as an application itself, when installed through Steam, will be able to be launched even without Steam being active. Therefore, no kind of DRM is being imposed.
    • RetroArch as well as the cores will be provided completely for free.
    • The cores do not have any kind of DRM applied to them.
    • No Steamworks integration. If it will ever happen, it will be done through a separate process as has been done by plenty of other Steam GPL-licensed programs/games.
    • We will never provide any copyrighted content that we do not have permission to under any circumstance. Out of the gates, you will be able to run disk-based content from a CD-ROM drive with many CD-based emulators. There is also a preservation-focused project in the work that will make it easier to preserve your legally bought cartridges, but more on that as we get closer to release.

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