Moving over to newer versions of iOS, some exciting news has just dropped for those with A12/A13 devices running iOS 13 since the checkra1n jailbreak doesn’t support these devices. Due to this, these devices rely on app-based jailbreaks, like unc0ver and Electra, which make use of kernel exploits and have been the norm ever since 2016 (iOS 9.2/9.3).
If the kernel bug that Ian Beer just shared gets turned into a tfp0 exploit, unc0ver will probably get iOS 13 support!

Unlike the checkm8 exploit which powers the checkra1n jailbreak, app-based jailbreaks use exploits that are patchable with iOS updates and this means that people on the iPhone XS/11 and newer iPads are still waiting patiently for a chance to jailbreak their device on the latest version of iOS.
Now, Ian Beer of Project Zero, who’s released numerous kernel bugs & exploits which led to fully fledged jailbreaks in the past, has just shared details on a kernel bug, fixed in iOS 13.3, which according to Apple’s security content releases allows for execution of arbitrary code with kernel privileges thus providing the base part of a jailbreak. This means that there’s potential for an application-based jailbreak supporting iOS 13.0-13.2.2 on all devices including the iPhone 11 (Pro) but it must be noted that a tfp0 exploit hasn’t been provided and the code shared is effectively for PoC purposes. With this in mind, Pwn20wnd who’s behind the unc0ver jailbreak, has advised to “not get excited for now” on Reddit so you should adjust your hopes accordingly until an exploit gets developed.
As usual, the advice of staying on the lowest version of iOS holds unless you have an A11 or older device as these are permanently jailbroken with checkra1n since it uses a hardware-based BootROM exploit. If you’re on iOS 13.0-13.2.2, do not update to iOS 13.3. If you’re on iOS 12.x and already jailbroken, it’s advised to stay there for now. Remember to save blobs.