Like the PlayStation Vita and many modern video game consoles and portable devices, the Switch also comes with parental controls in order to restrict gaming time among other things.

However, hacking communities always find ways to circumvent them and now, the Switch has joined the ‘parental control bypassing’ club thanks to Reset Parental Controls NX by TotalJustice.

As its name suggests, this homebrew utility allows you to change your parental control PIN to whatever you want without having to know the PIN currently imposed. This means that it could be used to remove any parental controls imposed on the system with just a few simple steps. Unlike TotalJustice’s previous offerings such as GameCard Installer NX, Reset Parental Controls doesn’t come with a GUI interface but a straight-to-the-point text-based interface which is enough considering the frequency with which the application will be used!
You may read more about it by following this link to its GitHub README. Downloads can be accessed from here.