Rinnegatamante has made another addition to the FPS homebrew game library for Sony’s current portable and this time, it’s vitaExhumed. As its name suggests, vitaExhumed is a port of PCExhumed by Duke4 Forum member ‘sirlemonhead’ which itself is a port of Exhumed/PowerSlave’s engine that’s based upon code from EDuke32. For those who never heard of the game, PowerSlave/Exhumed (Exhumed is the name used in Europe) is a first-person shooter based on the Build engine (i.e. Duke Nukem 3D’s engine) which is set in the ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. This city was seized by mysterious forces and your task is to find out what’s going on and potentially save the city; quite obviously, you’ll be roaming in ancient Egyptian temples and the enemies featured are from Egyptian mythology.

You may read more about vitaExhumed on its Wololo /talk page & download it via VitaDB; Rinnegatamante may be donated to via Patreon. It’s important to note that you need the data files for the full game to play it as the demo files aren’t compatible yet.