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Thread: Cannons and Shields v2.0

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    psp Cannons and Shields v2.0


    pipagerardo has just released a new version for his GREAT Homebrew game for our loved PSP. If you like action and tanks, this will your favourite Homebrew game. This is the first Homebrew that takes part in the Scenery Beta 2008.

    What about if I tell you that you will be able to play with a friend using PSP AdHoc connection? If you prefer to play alone, you will have to defeat tanks. At first, you only have one opponent, but if you continue will have to defeat 5 tanks on the field at the same time!!!

    Enjoy this marvelous game, PSP Slim compatible and translated into English.

    One of the best games that have ever been coded in LUA.

    New in version 2.0
    • Pause.
    • Graphics improvements.
    • 3D terrains (if your tank is at the top of a mountain, it will fire very far from your position!).
    • The game uses less PSP memory (so its more stable).
    • Added credits.
    Note: The game is not compatible with previous versions of Cannons and Shields, so if you want to play versus another friend, please, use this v2.0 in both PSPs.

    If have tried to attach it into Dcemu forum, but I receive a PHP error :-(.


    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
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