• The PlayStation Vita was meant to be the king of Remote Play for PlayStation, but things never really turned out the way they hoped, with the Vita being known more for its miserable sales and its status as a "legacy system" a handful of years after its launch. We could get another chance at experiencing Remote Play on a handheld, though, if a recent PlayStation survey has anything to say about it. Reportedly, a Reddit user found a survey being given out by Sony, which asked PlayStation fans what features they'd like to see in the future, regarding Remote Play. Some of these questions asked if being able to play classic PS1 and PS2 titles through remote play would be appealing, if a mini DualShock 4 meant for on-the-go playing would be of interest, or if people would want to use Remote Play on other entertainment devices, such as the Apple TV, Android TV, or even the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not we see Sony actually implement any of these ideas is dubious, but it does seem like they're looking towards the future when it comes to PlayStation 4's Remote Play, or the service in general.